Most sought after QuickMetrix solutions for Brands

  • ORM

    Online Response/ Reputation Management (ORM)

    Not all posts need to be responded to
    For those that do, QuickMetrix offers multiple process options to brands to take discussions ‘offline’ and track through to resolution
    QuickMetrix tool has sophisticated workflows and processes built to ensure teams collaborate through the ORM process
    QuickMetrix tool helps in ORM to gain consumer trust
  • Campaign Insights

    Track efficacy of campaigns launched Measure the ROI Monitor the Social Media Metrics and KPIs to measure the performance of Social Media Marketing Campaigns Measure Impressions, Reach, Engagement, and other Social Metrics Learn and improve
  • Crisis Management

    At times, there would be perceived crisis or adverse events.
    QuickMetrix quantifies the situation as it evolves so that the Brand can make a data supported decision
    Tip: Most perceived crises on social media have a very short half life!
  • Influencer Management

    Influencers provide leverage – for or against your brand
    QuickMetrix measures influencers that matter for your Brand and the Category.