India's 1st Enterprise Grade Social Media Platform

100% listening across social and digital forums

Get real time chatter on:

  • Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ , Tumblr and other social media
  • News and Blogs
  • Complaints and Review Forums
  • Custom Portals

Publish Contents

  • Publish post simultaneously on various social media like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest
  • Schedule post to various social media

Online Reputation Management

  • Response Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Email Alert and Email Integration


  • Conversational Commerce
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer and Influencer Management

Online and Digital Research-Analytics

Online and Digital Research

A credible alternative to primary research

Online and Digital Research-Analytics

Identify best brands for alliances, best suited brand Ambassador

Identify Influencers best suited for your brand

Focused social media promotion

Measure campaign effectiveness

Real-time Analytics

Enrichment, Intent Tagging, Sentiment Analysis, Demographics

  • Quick Insights
  • Cost Effective
  • Turnaround in days instead of months
  • Unsolicited responses from a wide respondent base
  • Underlying data available to client for deep dive

Case Study: Profiling Your Customer

Two leading coffee shop chains customers where profiled

The customers details identified

  • Preferred Bank
  • Choice of Electronic Gadgets
  • Movie Personality talked about
  • Demographics
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Case Study: Hypothesis Testing

Introduction of EVM Chip will lead to reduction in Credit Card usage

Consumer insights: Qualitative and Quantitative

  • Adoption challenges.
  • Where and what is the chatter: forums
  • Demographics of consumers
  • Sentiment and associations with my brand; how do these change over time
  • Key influencers

Social Media Analytics

Cloud Based and Real Time Social Media Listening & Analytics Tool

Social Media Analytics

Aggregate discussion on various social media and online forums

Get real time data on:

  • Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social media
  • News and Blogs
  • Complaints and Review Forums
  • Custom Portals

Real-time Analytics

Enrichments- Intent Identification, Sentiment Analysis, Demographics, Influencer Analysis


Wide range of predefined reports to view analytics in real time

  • Platform Report
  • What-Where Report
  • Sentiment Report
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About Us

We connect the dots in the Social and Digital world for smarter decisions with QuickMetrix

Social Media Analytics Company

What motivates us?

Everyone benefits when the quality of interaction between people and brands is improved. What gets measured, gets improved!

Ergo QuickMetrix..

The Management Team

Individuals whose association go back 2 decades and have worked in different streams of the industry. Each was intrigued by the sheer amount of textual data about organizations within and outside its firewalls: customer feedback, employee notes, reviews, industry etc.

A common conviction built up that this data (which keeps on expanding) represents a treasure trove only if it can be harnessed. Unlocking the treasure yields consumer insights, industry direction, perception of brands.. . the possibilities are endless.

The challenge would be to use a product route so that it is scalable, extensible and yet should be simple and easy to use. That was the core philosophy for QuickMetrix.

Close knit team with complementary skills; right blend of experience & passion

Uday Kelleputtige

Uday Kelleputtige

Co-Founder & CEO

Blends consultative and product management skills in shaping the QuickMetrix product. Awarded the '50 Most Talented Social Media Professionals' by CMO Asia and Youth Marketing Forum.

Surendra Baliga

Surendra Baliga

Co-Founder & Director

Client Servicing and Sales. Passionate about analytics and synthesis. Brings a global perspective on customer issues and challenges.

Ameet Das

Ameet Das

Co-Founder & Director

Sale s and Marketing. Comes with a strong Insurance domain expertise and has worked with leading insurance companies

Strong Growth Trajectory

  • QuickMetrix is a brand owned by Lighthouse Technologies and is angel funded.
  • Digital and social data is defined by its volumes and velocity: clicks, comments, conversations...
  • QuickMetrix's algorithm is built to scale not just in managing this 'Big Data' but also in a timely manner - 'Quick data'. This ensures that key business decisions are powered by data.
  • In a short span of time, QuickMetrix has already been leveraged by leading agencies, research firms, Banking and other institutions.
  • QuickMetrix curates user generated content (UGC) from Twitter, Facebook, Google, Blogs, News Sites and other leading digital and social media providers.

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India's 1st Enterprise Grade Social Media Platform
  • 100% listening across social and digital forums
  • Publish Contents
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Engagement

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